Finally Completing My Website

Saturday November 29, 2014

On August 14th of this year, I wrote the first line of code for this website. Over 3 months later, it is finally ready for its grand unveiling. It’s been a long process trying to juggle schoolwork and side projects, so I’m glad there’s one more item off my todo list.

I’m calling this my personal website, which I loosely define as a website with the intention of promoting one’s self or showcasing one’s passions. This isn’t my first personal website. I’m actually not even sure how to begin counting how many I’ve had or what even constitutes a “new” website. Despite having relatively personal websites prior, I suppose my first truly personal website would be from when I obtained in 2009. I was very unsure of what exactly I wanted to do in 9th grade, which led to my questionable decision to put “design” in my domain name. This domain went through a few different versions, ultimately ending as a very simple landing page with my contact info. It currently just redirects to this new website.

My purpose with stems from a few ideas I’ve wanted to pursue for a while. Blogging has piqued my interest and it’s been something I want to try. I have a few post ideas, but I hope this is something that continues and grows. I am a member of two communities, coaster enthusiasts and the whole realm of developers and programmers. I hope to make interesting posts relating to both my life as a coaster enthusiast and a Computer Science student. In addition to having a blog, this website also gives me a place to display my projects and my other hobby, photography.

Here’s to what is hopefully a bright future.
Please let me know your thoughts on my website.

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