Saturday May 30, 2015

The Jersey Devil has finally shown himself at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. El Diablo is the amusement park’s newest addition for 2015, and I was fortunate enough to attend the media preview event on behalf of my website, Great Adventure Online.

El Diablo is a seven story thrill ride located next to El Toro in the Plaza Del Carnaval section of Great Adventure. A gentle rock back and forth quickly escalates to intense looping revolutions featuring great hang-time upside-down. You’ll travel forwards and backwards on this ride that thrills all ages. While the ride is targeted for tweens working up to larger coasters, I’ve heard positive reviews from all riders, many of whom were pleasantly surprised.

I myself thoroughly enjoy the ride and think it’s a great addition to Great Adventure. El Diablo helps fills a void for the park. It provides younger thrill seekers with a good stepping stone to conquering larger coasters. It provides a much needed addition to the “flat ride” selection at the park.

To kick off the opening of the ride, Six Flags held a brief ceremony about the park and new ride. Communications Director, ‎Kristin Siebeneicher, and Park President, John Fitzgerald, welcomed former NHL NJ Devils player Colin White and mascot N.J. on stage for the countdown.

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  • Paul Kaiser

    Looks like a short and sweet ride. Enjoy the park this year! Nice post too.