Sunday May 31, 2015

Something wicked this way comes! One of the baddest storms–I mean coasters–to hit the northeast has landed right at Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts. The park’s Cyclone roller coaster from 1983 has been transformed into one of the best coasters I’ve ever ridden, thanks to Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC).

I’d like to thank Brian from The Amusement Wire for inviting me, and Six Flags New England for hosting the spectacular media preview event for Wicked Cyclone.

RMC has been making a big name for themselves recently in the theme park industry. Known for their innovations in wooden coaster technology, RMC has truly done it again with Wicked Cyclone. The company offers two track options: an all-steel “Ibox” track, or a “topper track”. Both options can utilize existing or new wooden structures with steel bracing and both allow for some crazy inversions. Wicked Cyclone has IBox track , so it is classified as a steel or hybrid coaster.

109 feet tall. 55 miles per hour. While these are not close to record-breaking statistics, that’s actually beneficial. With smaller coasters–twists, turns, and inversions are all closer together, resulting in non-stop craziness. Money saved from staying shorter can be used to make a longer and more intense ride. Because of all this, RMC and Six Flags have created an amazing ride experience that really packs a punch.

As my first RMC coaster, Wicked Cyclone blew away my expectations.  Two zero-G rolls and a 200-degree stall all turn you upside-down. The stall is especially memorable with extended hang-time before an unexpected reverse twist. The over-banked turns, double-down hill, and outward banks all add to the craziness. If you’re an airtime lover, then look no further. With 14 airtime hills, Wicked Cyclone will have you out of your seat more than you’re in the seat.

As part of the opening ceremony, Six Flags New England welcomed celebrity storm chaser Reed Teamer and Meteorology students as the first riders to “escape from the storm.”

Six Flags New England is now open daily until the end of August, with Fright Fest beginning September 26th.

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