PHP / MySQL / JavaScript / jQuery / CSS / HTML

2009 – Ongoing

Background is a fan-site for the amusement park Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.  It has been around for many years and has been through multiple changes in management. My involvement began around 2009 when I became a forum moderator and began contributing to the web design and social media accounts. I am currently one of two administrators and I handle mostly all the site operations such as development, event planning, and social media management.

Developing Park Changelog

Our website was in need of a makeover, so I came up with this new idea that I completely designed and developed myself. That idea became Park Changelog. My goal was to provide an easy way to view and search through the history of Six Flags Great Adventure. By documenting and tagging all the changes that happen in the park, users can easily find exactly what they’re looking for or wondering about. I created the entire website design using Photoshop, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The changelog uses a MySQL database to store all the data such as events and tags. The backend is written in PHP. I also developed an admin control panel for my staff to be able to easily contribute to the website.

Social Media

I stepped onto’s staff around the time that Facebook was exploding.  Starting with only a few likes, I grew our Facebook page to almost 1,400 likes. Our Twitter account also reached over 500 followers. I achieved this reach through my dedication to making interesting posts and promoting the brand. Some of our posts have had organic reaches of over 5,000 users.

Online Day

Online Day is an annual event we host at the park. Read more about it here.

Future Plans

Forums are rapidly declining in popularity, and we have definitely seen a drop in activity. To compete with growing platforms, such as Facebook groups, we want to create a new environment for people to use. Ideally, it will serve the purpose of a forum, but with the ease of Facebook. This is a huge undertaking, but we hope that one day the idea can come to fruition.

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