(Web app) (List Example)


Wishlist is a web application for creating an online shareable list of things you want. I created this concept as a result of family members constantly asking what I wanted for Christmas and my birthday. I was roughly 14 when I created it, so it is definitely targeted at kids. One of the main features of my app is that after making a list, users can set it as their default list then send their personalized list URL to family members. The level of customizability is also what excels. The list name and description can be changed, along with full control of the background.

Future Plans

The application has been relatively untouched for years besides the small addition of checkboxes in 2011. I actively use this for my annual Christmas and Birthday wishlist, so I always get the urge to make improvements around November every year. I do have a few ideas for the project which I can hopefully find the free time to implement. A mobile app would certainly be a fun side project.

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